Pediatric Nursing

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Pediatric Nursing

Entegrity specialize in caring for children of all ages. Our compassionate, carefully screened professional nursing staff members are experienced in high-tech nursing care and pediatric critical care to meet the needs of the patient. We have experienced pediatric nursing management to manage diverse diagnoses and high-tech equipment.

Your child ‘s care team will include a registered nurse (RN) clinical manager (oversees clinical care and completes the in-h0me supervisory visits), and an on-call licensed manager to address questions or concern after hours.

Our pediatric services include, but are not limited to:

Ventilator Management and Monitoring
Tracheostomy Care and Changes
IV Therapies
CVL and PICC Line Care and Dressing Changes
Gastrostomy Care (G-Tube)
Laboratory Test and Blood Draws
Caregiving Teaching and Training
Medication Administration and Education
Respiratory Disorders
Neurological Disorders
Chronic Illness
Cardio-Vascular Disorders
Synagis Injection
We provide 24 hour coverage on long term and short term basis.